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Termite Control Methods

If termites have infested your home, it is best to immediately contact Best Pest Control. While many DIY remedies are available, they do not always eliminate the problem. It may be necessary to combine both methods depending on the severity of the infestation. Here are some options. 

pest control

Chemical pretreatment is the most commonly used method for termite control. Because most pest control companies have the equipment and expertise to do it correctly, this method is highly effective. However, a contractor cannot guarantee pesticide effectiveness and can make it risky. FHA regulations will only allow professionals to apply insecticides. The table 1 shows the list of insecticides that are available. Each should be used according the directions on the label. For most environments, the recommended treatment time is five years. Protected environments may allow some chemicals to last for longer.

Subterranean termites, the most prevalent type of termites found in Texas, are the most widespread. These termites can infest wood structures, walls, attics and furniture. It is difficult to recognize termites as their nests are made of dry lumber. You can treat some of these pests with chemicals, which will kill the termites upon contact. Formosan termites can only be found in some parts of the southern U.S. They are more destructive than native species.

Termite treatment is possible at home or through a professional. Termite poisons cost less than $20 per gallon and can be easily found at home supply shops. You should follow all instructions. The cost of professional pest control services is usually between $500-$1,800. You can also be charged up to eighty per cent of their annual service fee if they sign an agreement. Many of these costly methods require annual renewals which can result in higher costs.

A bait device for termites can also be used to manage them. You can place them in the soil where termites are active. The termites may be killed in a matter of days with the help of these baits. In extreme cases, bait stations may be applied directly on the soil. You can also apply termite products to the soil. If all of these options fail, you can try using combination methods.

You can prevent infestations from occurring by treating wood with termiticide. Spraying termiticide can be done or a concentrated solution can be brushed on. These are particularly effective on wood surfaces, as well any new construction that is in direct contact of soil or ground. You could also choose to use repellent or naturally-resistant materials. You might consider alternative methods if you don’t have the funds for expensive termite treatments.

Baited systems for termites are highly effective and require regular inspection and monitoring. Long-term monitoring is required to monitor the activity of newly recovered termites. You can also install plastic stations in the ground or inside the structure to track the activity of active mud tube. The bait stations should be checked at least monthly. A reputable pest control company should be contacted to provide the best treatment.

The soil around your property can also be treated with liquid-soil pesticides. This is an effective way to get rid of termites. These chemicals act as a barrier and prevent termites entering buildings or returning to the ground. These chemicals are effective for termites for up five years. However, some products claim a longer time. If the liquid treatment is successful, you can expect protection against termites for at most five years.

For the prevention of termite infestations, it is crucial to get a professional inspection and treatment. Termites like moist areas, so sealing cracks around doors and windows will decrease their accessibility. You can also get help from a professional inspector to find these areas. It is better to hire a professional inspector. However, you can do DIY termite treatment to protect your property. The process can be expensive and may result in the need to temporarily relocate your property.